The best $27 bike accessory you can buy: a review of Ass Savers Win Wing 2 fender

It won't replace full-coverage fenders, but it's the best clip-on mudguard on the market

Ass Savers Win Wing 2 attached to a bike
(Image credit: Anne-Marije Rook)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

While nothing protects you and your bike as well as full-coverage fenders, the ingenious Win Wing 2 keeps your back and behind dry even on the muddiest of gravel roads. It's cheap, rattle-proof, lightweight and pleasantly effective.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Ten-second installation and removal

  • +

    Easy on the wallet

  • +

    Ample clearance

  • +

    Many (and even custom) colorway options

  • +


  • +


  • +

    Sturdy and durable

  • +

    Made from mostly recycled materials

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Only partial coverage

  • -

    The mudguard does not protect your lower body or your bike

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As a Pacific Northwestener, I ride in wet weather a lot, and have tried just about every type of fender or mudguard on the market. For years, I also had a dedicated rain bike –a road bike outfitted with wider tires and heavy, full-coverage fenders– that saw me through the long, dreadful days of winter base mile training. But I ride a variety of disciples throughout the year, so I need a wet-riding solution that can easily be attached, removed, and swapped between bikes. As such, I've tried a variety of products in the Ass Savers line of cheap yet effective clip-on fenders (mudguards)

The Swedish company specializes in creating a variety of cleverly devised, minimalist clip-on fenders for the rear and front of bicycles. The brand got its start in 2011 with a Kickstarter campaign for what ultimately became the ubiquitous wedge of plastic that one attached in between the saddle rails to, well, keep your ass safe from road- and tire spray. 

With this initial mudguard and every new model they've released since Ass Savers solves a common problem for cyclists –having a wet bum– without requiring any tools or modifications to the bicycle. The growing product line is portable, practical, lightweight, easy to attach, and can be folded away when not in use.

Last autumn's innovation, the Win Wing, was, in my opinion, Ass Savers' best product yet. It became a staple on solo rides and a must-have travel item for media trips with a chance of rain. 

I say "was" the brand's best product yet, because with the newly released version of the Win Wing, simply named Win Wing 2, Ass Savers made a good product even better. 

Introducing the Win Wing 2 - What's new

Ass Savers Win Wing 2 attached to a bike

(Image credit: Anne-Marije Rook)

The Win Wing design consists of a 14.5-inch blade of mostly recycled polypropylene and a rigid, fiberglass-reinforced bracket (which the brand calls a "wishbone") that mounts onto your bike's seat stays via the use of two thin TPU straps. Mounted about midway the seatstay, the fender is meant to sit at the critical point where water and mud leave a spinning rear wheel, blocking it before it can reach your back and behind.

The Wishbone of the Ass Savers Win Wing 2

The new and improved Wishbone

(Image credit: Anne-Marije Rook)

With a promise of being stronger and gentler on your bike's paint job, the newly released Win Wing 2 features a reinforced wishbone frame and includes a set of clear frame stickers to go on your bike's seatstays where the wishbone's rubber feet meet your bike's precious paint job.

Like anything you strap to your bike frame, fenders have the potential to rub at and scuff your bike's paint. The original Win Wing already hoped to minimize this with its molded rubber feet, which provide a snug, wiggle-free fit. The polyurethane frame stickers add just one extra, optional layer of protection.

For the second iteration, the wishbone and straps have also undergone a slight cosmetic change in that they now come in black versus the light grey of the OG Win Wing. The blade comes in a wide variety of colorways, which can be custom-printed for brands and individuals alike but more on that later.

Just like its predecessor, the Win Wing 2 is available in two sizes: a 64-gram Road version with clearance for up to 35mm tires and the 72-gram Gravel with clearance for up to 60mm tires, reviewed here.

What it's on the box & installation

Ass Savers Win Wing 2 laid out on the ground

(Image credit: Anne-Marije Rook)

When one receives a Win Wing 2, the package will contain the one-piece wishbone bracket, complete with its molded feet and straps, and a flat fender blade. You'll find a sheet with clear frame stickers on the back of the blade. 

To install, you simply remove the stickers from the fender blade and free the blade from any branding material. There are a series of perforated holes on the fender blade, which is where the pegs of the bracket get inserted. The three holes in the middle allow for slight differences in angles to accommodate a variety of bike sizes. Ass Savers recommends that you tilt the mudguard slightly upwards for optimal protection.

Once the blade is installed on the wishbone, it has a rounded shape. The fender blade also features some pre-scored lines to aid the shaping of the fender. 

Ass Savers Win Wing 2 attached to a bike

(Image credit: Anne-Marije Rook)

The fender is meant to be mounted fairly close to the tire. Ass Savers recommends a tire clearance of 5-10mm, which puts the bracket's feet about midway down the seatstays. Demo the fender first to locate the right position for the frame stickers (optional) and then strap the feet into place.

Writing this took about 10 times longer than the actual installation time of the Win Wing 2 fender, which can be mounted or removed in mere seconds.

I've tried the Wishbone bracket on 10 different bikes and aside from one mountain bike frame, it was able to accommodate the various frame sizes, tube shapes and tire widths. 

And, once installed, I've found the Win Wing 2 to be absolutely solid. The feet don't wiggle whatsoever, which is good news when it comes to frame scuffs. You do want to keep the connection clean, however. Grit will increase the potential for scuffs.

But does it work?

Ass Savers Win Wing 2 attached to a bike

(Image credit: Anne-Marije Rook)

The short answer is yes, with some asterisks. 

Now, I've been using a Win Wing fender since last winter, and the updated version's functionality and efficacy have not changed – though I am a fan of the all-black colorway, and the frame stickers are a nice touch. The installation is barely worth mentioning; the weight of the fender is negligible, and the fender is rattle-free and completely unobtrusive.  

And I know that when I come home after a two-hour excursion through the rain and mud, my butt and back will be dry and my ponytail will be pleasantly free of mud clumps. 

My calves, my lower legs, my feet and bike, however, will not be so lucky. Mud will still collect at the bottom bracket and the seat- and down tubes. You also won't be making any friends if you were to use this fender on a group ride. While it keeps your backside dry and comfortable, the same can't be said for the face of whoever decides to hold your wheel. 

But, it's important to note here that this fender is not meant for those seeking full-coverage protection for both the rider and the bike. This is meant to keep you riding comfortably without the weight penalty, rattling, installation hassles and permanence of full fenders. It's also highly portable in case you're traveling with a bike or even renting one. Or maybe, you only need occasional splash protection.

To that end, the Win Wing 2 is the best clip-on fender I've used. It provides ample coverage for a fun day out of mixed terrain as well as on a quick jaunt across town when I don't want to show up to a friend hang with a soggy bottom. I'd also have no reservations about using it in a bike race where conditions are particularly unpleasant.

Colors and customizations

Ass Savers Win Wing 2

(Image credit: Anne-Marije Rook)

No one has ever thought that fenders are cool, but Ass Savers hopes to change that.

The reason you see so many different colorways and branded Ass Savers fenders out there is because they make customization easy. Any team, brand, event or individual can order a set of custom Ass Savers. 

To show off just what they can do, Ass Savers created some custom Win Wing 2 fenders for me to perfectly match the phenomenal paint job of a Scarab Paramo bike that's currently in my possession. Printed in a Swedish state-of-the-art silk screen printing facility, I was blown away by how good it looks. I know the fender is a mere accessory – something to clip on when the weather calls for it, but this one is staying on!

Value and conclusion

Ass Savers Win Wing 2

(Image credit: Anne-Marije Rook)

While nothing protects you and your bike as well as full coverage fenders, the ingenious Win Wing 2 keeps your back and behind dry even on the muddiest of gravel roads.

No one likes to get that skunk stripe across their back, a soggy bottom or a chamois full of grit and sand during a long, off-road event. At just $27 / €26, this rattle-proof, lightweight and durable fender that can accommodate a variety of tire widths, and is pleasantly effective at preventing just that.

Ass Savers mudguards are also made from mostly recycled plastic with close to zero waste in the production process, so I can't even fault them there. 

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