My go-to winter cycling essentials are up to 45% off this Black Friday!

Huge savings on my go-to tools and clothing to get you ready for the cold weather

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Winter is well and truly here, and with it comes a whole host of different considerations for riding our bikes. Numb hands, more punctures, and dirty bikes are just a few of the things we have to contend with, and that means investing in gloves, warmer cycling kit, and better maintenance kit.

Unfortunately none of the above tends to be particularly cheap, but fear not - it's Black Friday. With huge sales on across the cycling industry, I have picked out a few of my go to winter essentials that are on sale this weekend! Let's dive in.

Mini pump

Punctures are unfortunately synonymous with winter, even in the days of tubeless technology and puncture resistant tires, and annoyingly they are even harder to fix during the winter months.

Pro Bike Tool mini pump on the floor outside

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Cold hands coupled with grimy tires and muddy wheels can often make for a frustrating process, and the last thing you want is a mini pump to let you down. I have used two of the Pro Bike Tool mini pumps since 2018, and found them to be built well, functional, and stylish too.

Pro Bike Tool Mini Bike Pump

Pro Bike Tool Mini Bike Pump

US: was $40.99, now $22.49 at Amazon

UK: was £22.99, now £18.24 Amazon

The Pro Bike Tool mini pump is constructed using a CNC machined aluminium alloy and weighs just 130 grams. The pump also features an integrated pressure gauge, and is rated up to 100 psi - plenty for the road bike tires of today!

Fenders / Mudguards

I will preach them till I die - put mudguards on your winter bike! As well as saving your bike from a mucky demise, you'll make friends on group rides, and you will stay a whole lot drier too.

SKS Raceblade Long XL mudguards on the floor

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My go-to's are the SKS Raceblade Long XL set. They do a pretty good job of coverage as they are long enough, and still don't weigh too much. They are simple to attach too which makes the summer/winter swap super quick - which here in the UK we often have to do in the summer months...

SKS Raceblade Pro XL Mudguard Set

SKS Raceblade Pro XL Mudguard Set

US: was $74.99, now $69.99 at Amazon

UK: was £50.00, now £36.99 at Tredz

The Raceblade Pro XL guards use a super quick clip on fixing, which means they can fit almost any bike, and be easily attached/detached depending on the weather

Bikesmart Elmer Race Fender Set

Bikesmart Elmer Race Fender Set

US: was $44.99, now $17.95 at Mike's Bikes

The Bikesmart Elmer Race Fenders feature a similar fixing mechanism to SKS's offering, and also fit on to almost any bike - but they're a much cheaper option and so ideal for someone on a tighter budget.

Winter Gloves

I've had my pair of SealSkinz gloves for about 4 years now, and they are still going strong after a vast number of winter miles. I was gifted them back in 2019 and they were the first pair of winter cycling gloves that really stopped numb hands - and that is no mean feat. 

SealSkinz Waterproof All Weather Insulated gloves on the floor outside

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As someone who suffers from poor circulation, and who is quite slightly built, I really struggle with the cold, so any gloves that keep me warm, I will happily vouch for them!

SealSkinz Waterproof All Weather Insulated glove

SealSkinz Waterproof All Weather Insulated glove

US: was $75.00, now $54.17 at Amazon

UK: was £55.00, now £35.95 at Amazon

The SealSkins insulated gloves feature a three-layer construction for both insulation and waterproofing. The gloves also feature a neoprene cuff for keeping cold air out around the wrist and a hard-wearing goat skin palm.

Bike cleaning kit

Bike washing is another one of those monotonous winter tasks that just needs to be done - and when its raining, pretty much every ride... That said, it can save you money in the long run, by decreasing drivetrain wear, and also gives you a nice little moral knowing you are at least going out on a clean bike.

I have used Muc-Offs bike cleaner for a little while now, and it makes light work of the grime we so often face here in the UK. 

Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit

US: was $129.99, now $89.90 at Amazon

UK: was £90.00, now £58.50 at Muc-Off

Muc-Offs ultimate kit features everything you need to clean and protect your bike. The kit includes degreaser, bike frame cleaner, brushes, and cleaning cloths. Once you are done cleaning your bike, you can re-lube it using the included lubricant and frame protector.

Over the Black Friday weekend we are trawling the web for all the best cycling deals.

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