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ZERO HOUR: Nation Hits 100 Million People on Medicaid

The Foundation for Government Accountability’s Countdown Clock to 100 Million Hits Zero

New Research Shows 35 Percent Spike in Medicaid Enrollment Due to “Medicaid Handcuffs” Locked on States During the Public Health Emergency and Medicaid Expansion

Naples, FL—Today, new research from the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) reveals that skyrocketing Medicaid enrollment has hit an all-time high—100 million enrollees. FGA’s countdown clock predicted enrollment in Medicaid would reach this grim milestone in early 2023.  

“After three years of pandemic-era expansion, the Medicaid program is reeling. It was originally designed as a safety net for truly needy Americans, such as seniors, those with disabilities, and low-income children. But it’s since become a vehicle for long-term dependency and socialized medicine,” said Jonathan Bain, FGA senior research fellow. “The explosive rise in Medicaid enrollment was largely driven by states expanding the program to cover able-bodied adults—those who can and should be in the workforce, not on government-run welfare.” 

The 35 percent spike in Medicaid enrollment since early 2020—an additional 26 million individuals—is largely due to two factors: (1) the federal government’s extension of the public health emergency locking states in “Medicaid handcuffs,” and (2) state Medicaid expansion covering able-bodied adults. FGA’s research shows that as welfare enrollment increases, workforce participation decreases.

“While the debate over Medicaid expansion rages in the remaining non-expansion states, lawmakers need not look any further than the real-life experiences of their counterparts for answers: shattered enrollment projections, massive cost overruns, closed hospitals, and an ailing workforce,” added Bain. “If non-expansion states expand Medicaid, taxpayers could be on the hook for nearly $800 billion. Policymakers must stand firm against the broken promises of Medicaid expansion to protect the truly needy, state budgets, and taxpayers.”


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